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ILAJ Herbal Research Remedies take pleasure to introduce our self as one of the leading manufacturer of herbal and ayruvedic medicines from the God's own country, Kerala, India. Ayurveda, the science of life, the peculiar medical science from India, is the ancient medical system that evolved from India and serving as the back bone of Indian medical system especially in Kerala and presently spreading all over the globe. The great science has many miraculous solutions and remedies for life threatening diseases. Some of these medicines had already popularized and some have to be explored. It is our duty to explore the power of herbal medicines to the world for the benefit of mankind.

Some decades back, before the explosion of the modern medical knowledge, the medical care was done using herbal medicines that was obtained directly from nature. After the inventions of allopathic science, the world got attracted to it due to its sudden action and facilities for emergency management, there by the ancient medical Science kept in a stagnant stage without much studies and research works. Now some of us have to continue these studies and reincarnate that great science. ILAJ have its own contributions to this point. We are doing our role and finding the hidden miracles.

ILAJ Herbal Research Remedies is continuing the scientific research works from 1856 to explore the hidden potency of Ayurveda and nature. With this time our research professionals had launched many products and many more are under clinical studies. We are confident about what we say about our products and that are supported by our clinical reports. We swear to provide our clients quality products and services. We are holding GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE certificate that is granted by our Government for our quality service and hygienic manufacturing process under the guidance of expert technical staffs.

Mission & Vision

Ilaj Herbal Research Remedies up holds a Social Vision of accessible health protection to all members of the society, especially the Marginalized. It is promoted by a group of socially committed health workers for the benefit of the society at large.

Its mission is to ensure remedy for major chronic & dangerous diseases by developing cheap and effective herbal medicines at reasonable cost.

By prolonged research and experiments it has already developed effective medicines for heart block, cholesterol, piles, leucorrhea and sexual inefficiency and diabetes which are all clinically evaluated..

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Marketing Office: City Plaza, Central Bazaar,
Manjeri, Malappuram Dist, Kerala - 676121.
Tel: 0483 2767657, Mob: 9495950285

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