LICOR Bet Lehyam

The guaranteed management of Leucorrhoea

LicorBet Lehyam.
  • Powerful and highly effective combination that cures chronic Leucorrhoea of varied etiology.
  • Potent anti-inflammatory property cures the disease from infectious etiology also.
  • The pure herbal combination cures hormonal imbalance.
  • LicorBet capsules act against the disease and the lehyam helps to regain immunity and body strength
  • The combination can provide long term prevention from recurrence.
  • Cures all symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, gastric discomforts, hair fall, dyspepsia, loss of body weight and general fatigue.
  • Guaranteed result within 3 weeks but has to complete the two month course to prevent recurrence and to regain immunity

Dosage : One capsule 3 times a day with a teaspoon full of lehyam before food. The patient must be advised to keep her hygiene and to avoid all factors that stand as the reason for the condition.

Presentation: Lehyam: 250g Jar

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