StepOn pill

One and only drug to erradicte plantar corn

Think how beautiful it will be: to eradicate a surgically manageable disease with simple internal medicine, not only cures but it prevents the recurrence. Plantar corn is the one among the diseases we advice surgical cure, but ILAJ had reconstructed that idea by introducing our StepOn pills. StepOn pill is capable of turning On our smooth Steps. The present surgical management can't guarantee a future without recurrence, but we can do it with StepOn pills.

  • StepOn pill is 100% herbal preparation and the most cost effective and safe management of plantar corn.
  • Quick relief from related pain due to its high analgesic property
  • Not only cures but eradicate the disease no matter how chronic it is
  • The product can also manage general joint pain, tennis elbow, cervical stiffness and plantar fasciitis.
  • The minimum course of medicine is three months.

Dosage : one pill daily with milk or black cumin decoction for plantar corn and for others one pill twice daily.

Presentation: Blisters of 10 pills

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