VTH Pills

Vascularises the Heart

VTH Pills. (25mg pills)

Cardio vascular disease , one of the major life threatening diseases. The medical professionals around the world are seeking an effective alternative management for cardio vascular diseases. In the field of herbal medicines also, there are no well proven remedies for the management of cardio vascular problems. Here ILAJ Herbals have the solution named VTH Pills to equip the medical world against cardiovascular problems

ILAJ had done VTH pill's clinical studies and animal toxicity study in association with Magna health care solutions and Kasthurba Medical College, Manippal, Karnataka. The study guarantees more than 90% efficacy and 100% safety. The toxicity study report can be referred from

The course of the medicine depends on the medical condition. The patient will get relief from all symptoms such as chest pain and palpitation within one month, but the course has to be continued as per the expert advice.

Dosage: One pill twice a day with milk or black cumin (Centratherum anthelminticum) decoction.

Presentation: Blisters of 10 pills.

VTH Pills……….

  • Mediate lysis of atherosclerotic plaques and there by prevents ischemic heart diseases.
  • Helps in successfully lowering VLDL and LDL levels and maintains a healthy lipid profile
  • Brings up the CNS activity and helps to recover from the conditions of stroke and paralysis.
  • Exhibits anti-anginal and anti-atheromal properties.
  • A preventive medicine for all who are in risk of cardio vascular diseases.
  • Is a pure herbal product and it does not impose any sort of side effects in the patients
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